Charles Mingus
New Tijuana Moods

© 1987 BMG Music
Bluebird ND85644

Compact Disc

I believe this record includes performances by some of the greatest musicians I have ever worked with.

Charles Mingus (from liner notes)


  1. Dizzy Moods (5:47) (Mingus, Dizzy Gillespie)
  2. Ysabel's Table Dance (10:24)
  3. Tijuana Gift Shop (3:44)
  4. Los Mariachis (The Street Musicians) (10:18)
  5. Flamingo (5:31) (Ted Grouya)
  6. Dizzy Moods (alternate take) (8:17) (Mingus, Gillespie)
  7. Tijuana Gift Shop (alternate take) (4:39)
  8. Los Mariachis (alternate take) (12:23)
  9. Flamingo (alternate take) (6:37) (Grouya)

    All compositions by Charles Mingus unless otherwise noted



Date and location
Total time
Original issue (year)
1-5: RCA Victor LSP2533 (1962) as "Tijuana Moods"
Reissues (year)
Bob Rolontz
Bob Simpson
Liner notes
Charles Mingus, Martin Williams and Ed Michel


According to Priestley 'Boston Tea Party' remains unissued.

Additional information concerning 'A Colloquial Dream' from Uwe Weiler:

Perhaps you already know the following, however, a
further unissued track from the RCA vaults was found:


The track was recorded during the legendary sessions for
Tijuana Moods on August 6, 1957 and it is basically the
composition 'Scenes In The City', which Mingus recorded
again for Bethlehem on October 1957.

Now we have the answer on the open question on which
track Lonnie Elder took part. He, actually an actor at the
time, is the narrator on the track and his name was always
quoted on the art cover of the RCA LP, various reissues,
as well as on various discographies, but his voice res.
narration was never heard on the released RCA LP.

The allocation of the presumed lost track is a sensation.
A COLLOQUIAL DREAM runs 10:54 and bears the matrix no.
H4JB-5229. Is was released on a RCA bonus CD at the end
of 1997 and the limited edition probably never became
apparent to the general jazz public.

The newly allocated RCA track was released on a bonus CD,
which was included as an extra in the collector's
9-CD-boxed set  entitled RCA VICTOR 80 TH ANNIVERSARY -
The box bears the number 09026-68949-2. Thus this box
contains 8 individual CD albums, which are labeled as
RCA VICTOR 80 TH ANNIVERSARY, VOL. 1 to VOL. 8, presenting
music form each decade of the label's output from 1917 to
1997. The bonus CD contains two tracks from the first jazz
record every made in 1917, in fact from The Original
Dixieland Jazz Band and the aforementioned Mingus track.
The only reference to the obscure Mingus track comes from a
label sticker, which was put on the sealed outer cellophane.
Once the box is open, no reference can be seen outside.
The bonus CD art cover has some basic info on the obscure
Mingus track. Be aware, that, execpt the bonus CD,  each
individual CD volume is also sold separately. According to
my observation, CD dealers tend to have the individual
volumes instead of having the box! So, ask for the limited
9-CD-boxed edition.

Anyhow, the music is a significant contribution to Mingus's
recorded legacy. The narration of the author, Lonnie Elder,
tends to be a bit too 'loose'. Excellent music .....

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