Charles Mingus
East Coasting

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Bethlehem BET 6014-2 (Europe)

Compact Disc

As for Mingus himself, he has been working through one of his most constructive periods in the past year or two. "I finally decided to be myself; it's so much simpler that way." Because he is so independently himself and is not annealed to any of the fashionable attitudes in contemporary jazz, he is sometimes put down by other musicians. "Some of them say I have no 'soul'. Maybe I have a different kind of soul. I don't want to act any parts, to worry myself about being hip. I'm only concerned with communicating what I feel."

Nat Hentoff (from liner notes)


  1. Memories Of You (4:23) (Blake)
  2. East Coasting (5:10)
  3. West Coast Ghost (10:29)
  4. Celia (7:50)
  5. Conversation (5:25)
  6. Fifty-First Street Blues (5:45)

    All compositions by Charles Mingus unless otherwise noted



Date and location
August 1957, New York City
Total time
39:21 (6014-2)
Original issue (year)
Bethlehem BCP 6019 (1958)
Reissues (year, origin)
Liner notes
Nat Hentoff


Marketed and distributed in Europe by ZYX-Music. US issue (30022) includes alternate takes of 'East Coasting' and 'Memories Of You'.

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