Charles Mingus
The Great Concert Of Charles Mingus

(P) 2003 Universal Music S.A.S. France
Universal 980 691 - 3

(P) 2004 [July 20] Verve
Verve #B000268002 (catalogue number copied from Verve website)

2 Compact Discs




Date and location
April 19, 1964 (from Sunday 0.10 a.m. to 2.45 a.m.), Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Paris, France
Original release
America 003/4/5 (except ATFW and So Long Eric)


This is a new authorized edition of this concert, with previously unreleased "ATFW" (Jaki Byard's piano solo) and complete "So Long Eric" which was previously a combination of two different performances.

According to Johan Hauknes, the initial German Universal M&L pressings (production series 51466262 (cd 1) and 51466256 (cd 2)) of this set have digital noise on tracks 2 and 3 of the disc 2. On the other hand, the French series made by Cinram Optical Discs seem to be without errors.

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