Hazel Scott
Relaxed Piano Moods

(P)(C) 199? Fantasy, Inc.
Debut OJC-1702-2

Compact Disc


  1. Like Someone In Love (3:47) (Jimmy Van Heusen)
  2. Peace Of Mind (4:02) (Hazel Scott)
  3. Lament (4:43) (J.J. Johnson)
  4. The Jeep Is Jumpin' (3:56) (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn)
  5. Git Up From There (4:26) (Scott)
  6. A Foggy Day (6:04) (George Gershwin)
  7. Mountain Greenery (4:44) (Richard Rodgers)
  8. Git Up From There (alternate) (3:56) (Scott)
  9. Lament (alternate) (4:56) (Johnson)



Date and location
January 21, 1955, Van Gelder Recording, Hackensack, New Jersey
Total time
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Cover scanned and resized from "The Complete Debut Recordings".

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