Lionel Hampton
Hamp: The Legendary Decca Recordings of Lionel Hampton

(P) 1996 MCA Records, Inc.
(C) 1996 GRP Records, Inc.
GRP 26522 (Europe)
Decca Jazz GRD-2-652 (US)

2 Compact Discs


Disc 2

  1. Red Top (3:05) (Lionel Hampton, Ben Kynard)
    Arranged by Ben Kynard
  2. Mingus Fingers (3:06) (Mingus, Hampton, Curley Hamner)
    Arranged by Charles Mingus
  3. Midnight Sun (3:18) (Hampton, Sonny Burke, Johnny Mercer)
    Arranged by Sonny Burke



Date and location
Original issue (year)
Milt Gabler
Liner notes
Bob Blumenthal


Disc 1 and tracks 1-2 and 6-21 of disc 2 do not include Charles Mingus.

In certain territories outside the United States this set is titled "Hamp: The Legendary American Decca Recordings of Lionel Hampton", because MCA does not have the rights to use the Decca trademark there.