Charles Mingus
Stormy & Funky Blues

(P)(C) Moon Records
Moon MCD064-2

Compact Disc (unauthorized)


  1. Blues Medley (9:38)
    1. John's Blues aka Blues for Roy's Saw
    2. Noddin' Ya Head Blues
  2. Flowers For A Lady [Angry Reeds] (9:09) (George Adams)
  3. Stormy & Funky Blues (7:38) (Mingus, Adams)
  4. Opus 3 [Squeezed Strings] (15:44)
  5. Cumbia & Jazz Fusion (incomplete) (15:35)

    All compositions by Charles Mingus unless otherwise noted



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The track listing on the CD liner notes is almost completely wrong and it is fixed here, except for Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson tune (?) 'John's Blues', which appears also as 'Blues for Some Bones' on "Live In Chateauvallon, 1972", and for 'Stormy & Funky Blues', which seems to be a blues jam with an improvised riff theme.