The music of Charles Mingus in California, 1942-1949

The music of Charles Mingus in California, 1942-1949: an analytic survey

Musical examples

  1. Lonesome Woman Blues, Excelsior, June 1945, chord changes.
  2. Lonesome Woman Blues (10*), Excelsior, June 1946, theme, bars 9-11.
  3. Rich Man's Blues (36), Apollo, December 12, 1945, introduction.
  4. Wise Woman Blues (10), Apollo, December 10, 1945, second chorus, horns, bars 9-12.
  5. This Subdues My Passion, 4 Star, May 6, 1946: a) B/1-2; b) C/5-6; c) C/7-8; d) B'/8-C'/1; e) C'/7-8; f) C/3-4; g) B'/1-2; h) C'/2-3.
  6. Zoo-bab-da-oo-ee (11), Decca, November 14, 1947, theme, bars 9-12.
  7. Mingus Fingers, Decca, November 10, 1947, third A of the AABA theme.
  8. Body And Soul, radio transcription, August 4, 1948, chord changes.
  9. Moods in Mambo (14), chords of the introduction.
  10. Moods in Mambo (13): a) ostinato 1, bar 28; b) bars 29-30.
  11. Moods in Mambo (73), bars 86-89 - or in two smaller parts
    1. bars 86-87 (35)
    2. bars 88-89 (38)
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Catalogue of Charles Mingus' compositions and arrangements, 1942-1949, in chronological order

by Stefano Zenni

This is a brief summary of a long analytic essay on the music composed and arranged by Charles Mingus between 1942 and 1949.

Mingus' early compositions are the less known and studied, due to unavailability of recordings, but they are of the greatest importance to understand the evolution of the young composer. Now it is possible, through the study of the sources (manuscripts, the autobiography and the recordings) outline the features of Mingus' early music.

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